Drone-Pictures Showreel 2023 !

As we do every year, here’s a partial retrospective of our drone shootings in 2023, with some of the finest images filmed for our customers during the very diverse drone and ground services we performed, mainly in the South of France. Read more on HOsiHO Drone Network website



Comme chaque année, voici la rétrospective partielle de nos tournages par drone en 2023 avec quelques-unes des plus belles images tournées pour nos clients lors des très diverses prestations drone et sol que nous avons effectué, essentiellement dans le Sud de la France.

Lire notre article sur le site du Réseau HOsiHO Drone Network

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Rising Surveillance: The Challenge of UAS Incursions at the U.S.-Mexico Border

The Increasing Unmanned Aircraft Activities at the Border, and the Efforts to Enhance National Security Measures In a recent update highlighting the monitoring challenges along the U.S.-Mexico border, the top official of the U.S. Northern Command reported that the region is experiencing a notable increase in unmanned aircraft system (UAS) incursions, with the numbers potentially […]

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Operation Skyhawk: Drones Used in Georgia’s Largest Prison Smuggling Case

Major Smuggling Ring Uncovered in Georgia Prisons In a significant crackdown named Operation Skyhawk, authorities in Georgia have dismantled what is believed to be the largest smuggling operation within the state’s correctional system. The operation has led to the arrest of 150 individuals, including eight prison employees, under accusations of smuggling drugs, weapons, and other […]

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10 beloved restaurants that you can order drone delivery from in America 

As drone delivery becomes more prevalent in the United States, some of your favorite restaurants are joining the trend.  Among the biggest names? Wendy’s, which announced this month that it was teaming up with delivery giant DoorDash and Google-sibling drone delivery provider Wing.

Now, residents of Christiansburg, Virginia can get Wendy’s Frosties via drone. But that’s not the only sort of fast food options that drones are flying through the skies. On the healthier end, California-based restaurant Mendocino Farms announced a partnership with Zipline in 2023 to deliver its gourmet sandwiches and salads to customers via drone. 

And particularly as the number of drone delivery companies continue to grow, so do the restaurant partnerships.

Why restaurants love drone delivery

So why are restaurants like Wendy’s or Mendocino looking to drone delivery companies? For starters,  off-premise business for restaurants has been growing since the pandemic — and drones can bring that food off-premises.

Another reason is sustainability. Drones offer up to 94% lower energy consumption per package than other vehicles, providing a greener alternative for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Lastly, it’s pure publicity. People probably aren’t posting a video on social media of their food being delivered in a car, but they certainly might if it’s being delivered by a drone. 

While Mendocino Farms’ drone delivery service isn’t expected to begin until 2025 there’s no shortage of other restaurants that have already partnered with drone delivery services like Zipline, Flytrex, Wing, and Droneup — and many of them offer drone deliveries today.

These 10 popular restaurants have embraced this futuristic delivery method. From healthy salads to indulgent cupcakes, there’s something for everyone: 


1. Sweetgreen 

Cities served: Various locations in California 

Service provider: Zipline 

For health-conscious diners, Sweetgreen’s partnership with Zipline is a game changer. Soon, you’ll be able to get your favorite nutritious bowls delivered swiftly from the sky. Sweetgreen is partnering with Zipline for the purposes of sustainability. Sweetgreen has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2027. 

2. Chick-fil-A 

Cities served: Granbury, Texas, various suburbs in NC, Brandon, FL and others

Service provider: Flytrex & DroneUp

If you are anything like me, you have spent a considerable amount of time waiting in the Chick-fil-A’s drive-thru line. You can skip the line for your chicken sandwich and Chick-fil-A sauce and have it drone delivered right to your door. Lucky for residents in Texas, North Carolina, and Florida, Chick-fil-A partners with not one, but two different drone delivery services. 

3. Brugh Coffee Co

Cities served: Christiansburg, Virginia  

Service provider: Wing 

I don’t want to go anywhere before I have my morning coffee. So, why not get the coffee delivered by drone? No human interaction is needed. Brugh Coffee was one of the first coffee providers to send a cup of coffee via drone to a customer. Brugh Coffee partners with Wing, a drone delivery company owned by Google parent company Alphabet, to deliver their coffee. 

4. Chili’s

Cities served: Granbury, Texas, and various suburbs in NC 

Service provider: Flytrex 

Chili’s diverse menu of American cuisine is now available for drone delivery. Flytrex makes it possible to enjoy Chili’s classics from the comfort of your home. The drone delievery company focuses its delivery in the US suburbs. Flytrex has proven convenient for those working from home. Just ask Mike Shanklin, who gets drone delivery 3-4x a week

5. Sugar Magnolia

Cities served: Christiansburg, Virginia 

Service provider: Wing 

For those in Christiansburg, Virginia, Sugar Magnolia’s delightful baked goods and sweets are just a drone away with Wing’s innovative delivery service. Sugar Magnolia was part of the original partnership when Wing opened up in Christiansburg, Virginia, along with FedEx and Walgreens. Sugar Magnolia had only been open for 15 months when they began their partnership.

Photo courtesy of Zipline

6. Pagliacci Pizza

Cities served: Various locations in Seattle 

Service provider: Zipline 

Bring a little excitement to Friday pizza night via Pagliacci Pizza, which offers drone delivery through Zipline. Pagliacci Pizza says drones are more sustainable and help alleviate drive times during peak hours. Zipline designed a special box that fits two 13-inch pizzas, a salad, and a couple of sodas.

7. Gran Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

Cities served: Christiansburg, Virginia 

Service provider: Wing 

Authentic Mexican cuisine from Gran Rodeo Mexican Restaurant is delivered by drones in Virginia, with burritos ranking among the most popular orders. Gran Rodeo Mexican Restaurant was one of the first ‘hot food’ places to partner with Wing, due to its location. It is located right next to Wing’s headquarters, so employees are able to walk the food over to the hub to be delivered.  

8. Jersey Mike’s

Cities served: Granbury, Texas, and various suburbs in NC 

Service provider: Flytrex 

Jersey Mike’s famous subs are a drone flight away in North Carolina. Jersey Mike’s Subs was one of Flytrex’s national chain partnerships. Customers in the service area can now order to front and backyards, with a flight time of just five minutes. 

9. Gigi’s Cupcakes

Cities served: Christiansburg, Virginia 

Service provider: Wing 

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Gigi’s Cupcakes, available for drone delivery through Wing. You can order Gigi’s Cupcakes and other restaurants through Wing’s delivery app, just like you would for UberEats. 

Photo courtesy of Wendy’s

10. Wendy’s

Cities served: Christiansburg, Virginia 

Service provider: Wing 

Wendy’s is a newcomer on the list, having joined forces with Wing in March 2024 as the first restaurant to participate in Wing’s U.S. partnership with DoorDash. Alas, you can finally get that Frosty or juicy Baconator delivered by a drone. Read more about Wendy’s drone delivery here.

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Archer Aviation Advances in FAA Certification Process with Successful Battery Pack Tests

Progressing Towards Certification: Archer Aviation’s Successful Safety Tests Archer Aviation Inc., a developer of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, has completed a series of battery pack drop tests, an important requirement in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification process. Conducted at the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) lab, these tests evaluated the […]

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How Do You Evaluate Your Real Risk from Rogue Drones? DL Exclusive from Drone Detection Experts AeroDefense

As commercial drone use scales around the world, the threat from rogue operators utilizing readily available hardware for criminal purposes also increases.  Companies and agencies from all sectors are evaluating their risk: and deciding on the appropriate response.  Current regulations around the authorized use of counter drone technology may additionally complicate the situation. DRONELIFE presents […]

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Advisory Board of Industry Leaders to Guide 10th Commercial UAV Expo

Charting the Future: Commercial UAV Expo Assembles Industry Titans for 10th Edition Advisory Board The Commercial UAV Expo, one of the world’s most important commercial drone trade shows and conferences, is gearing up for its landmark 10th edition: with the involvement of an Advisory Board comprised of prominent figures in the commercial Unmanned Aerial System […]

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Kerry Mapes: how she pulled off that viral Barbie drone photoshoot

You might know Kerry Mapes for her Barbie-inspired drone photoshoot, which went viral. Released around the time of the Barbie movie, the Barbie shoot was the brainchild of a team of creative women — and Mapes led the aerial aspect of it.

But flash Barbie drone photos are not necessarily what Mapes does all the time when it comes to her drone photography. Her love of nature shapes much of it. The team at Drone Girl recently had the opportunity to connect with Kerry Mapes, an aerial photographer based in North Carolina, to find out more about how she pulled off such a unique Barbie project, what’s her must-visit place to fly drones, and how to break into a career in drones.

The viral Barbie moment

Though Mapes is primarily a nature photographer with expertise in mapping, she made headlines with an aerial photoshoot she conducted based on Barbie.

Originally featured in “Heart of NC Weddings,” the photoshoot was done in tandem with an article on Barbie bachelorette and bridal inspiration. Mapes’ aerial photo features a blonde, Barbie-esque woman laying on a pink convertible, clad in a pink swimsuit and surrounded by pink flowers.

Photo courtesy of Kerry Mapes

The Barbie shot drew inspiration from the Barbie movie around its release time, and was originally published on the Heart of NC Weddings site in July 2023.

“It wasn’t entirely my idea, but I was thrilled to shoot it with my drone,” Kerry said. She reflected on the excitement of collaborating with various vendors, including those specializing in hair and makeup to floral arrangements.

Kerry highlighted how drones offer unique perspectives often overlooked by traditional photography. “People usually think about handheld cameras, but drones reveal special angles.” She used a DJI Mavic 3 Pro for the shoot.

“It’s not every day you get invited to something like that,” she said. “It was very special. I’d love to participate in more shoots like this.”

Photo courtesy of Kerry Mapes

Combining nature and drones

Despite the novelty of movie-inspired photoshoots, Kerry’s passion lies in capturing nature.

With an undergraduate degree in biology and conservation ecology, Kerry finds a natural connection between her academic background and her drone work.

“At least 75% of my work involves some aspect of the earth or nature,” Mapes said.

Living in North Carolina, Kerry says she is drawn to marshes.

“They’re my favorite ecosystem to explore,” she said. “Seeing them from above offers a unique perspective.”

Kerry travels extensively, always with a drone in tow. Some of her favorite destinations include Scotland and Utah.

“Utah is a must-visit for drone photographers,” she said. “It’s like nowhere else.”

Photo courtesy of Kerry Mapes

Mapes utilizes various mapping software to scout exciting locations, a skill she honed during her graduate studies and her career at Geo Owls. 

“Drone mapping was my introduction to drones,” she said. Her Instagram handle, @unmappearth, reflects that.

Being a female drone pilot

Kerry’s journey into drone piloting began in graduate school at UNC, where she used drones for data collection and mapping.

She met her mentor, Dr. Narcisa Pricope, there, who opened Kerry’s eyes to the vast possibilities of drone technology.

In a field often dominated by men, Kerry credits her mentor with helping her navigate the drone world.

“Having a mentor was crucial,” Mapes said, emphasizing the importance of supporting and uplifting other women in the industry. “She’s why I know how to fly.”

Now an established drone photographer, Kerry dedicates time to mentoring others through teaching and workshops.

“Seeing someone hesitant at first fall in love with drone piloting is incredibly rewarding,” she said.

So, for women considering entering the drone industry, Kerry’s advice is straightforward.

“Just do it,” she said. “Don’t let anyone hold you back. It’s so rewarding, and despite what the statistics say, the drone community is incredibly welcoming.”

Do you know any great drone girls who deserve a profile (including you!)? Contact us here. 

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Elbit Demonstrates its ReDrone C-UAS Systems in Eastern Israel

Israeli defense company Elbit Systems recently unveiled the formidable capabilities of its ReDrone Modular, Multi-Mission, Multi-Sensor Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) Solution. This cutting-edge system is designed to detect, identify, track, and neutralize drone threats effectively. The demonstration, held in Eastern Israel, showcased the system’s prowess against various types of drones, including multi-rotor and fixed-wing […]