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Hermeus Rolls Out First Uncrewed Aircraft on Journey to Hypersonic Flight

Hermeus, the company operationalizing hypersonic aircraft, has unveiled its first aircraft — Quarterhorse Mk 1 — which will take flight later this year. Designed, built, and integrated in just seven months, this is the company’s second fully-integrated vehicle in the past year, following Quarterhorse Mk 0 which completed its test campaign in November 2023. This […]

Autonomous Overhead Powerline Recharging for Uninterrupted Drone Operations

Researchers at the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Southern Denmark have just published a study demonstrating fully autonomous self-recharging drone system capable of long-duration sustained operations near powerlines. The drone is equipped with a robust onboard perception and navigation system that enables it to locate powerlines and approach them […]

Wave Engine Corp. Demonstrates First Flight of Pulsejet Powered UAV

The North American Wave Engine Corporation, a developer of affordable next-gen propulsion technology and aerial systems, has demonstrated complete flight capability on a UAV using a jet engine that requires no moving parts. A demonstration flight included self-powered take-off, climb-cruise and landing. The propulsion system is generally the most expensive and complex component of a […]

Hien Aero Technologies Conducts Asia’s First Gas Turbine eVTOL Levitation Test

On March 1, 2024, Hien Aero Technologies made headlines by successfully conducting Asia’s first levitation test for a large, unmanned electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft powered by a gas turbine. This landmark event marks a significant step forward in the development of hybrid eVTOLs, showcasing the potential for longer flight ranges and higher […]

US Air Force Successfully Tests New Agile Aircraft Power Lightcart

The Department of the Air Force, or DAF, completed testing of the 400 Hz Aircraft Power Lightcart, or 400 APL in January 2024. The tests, which were conducted with the 174th Attack Wing at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base in Syracuse, New York, saw the prototype successfully power an MQ-9, or Predator, through a […]

AEROVOLT to Provide Multiple Charging Systems at Snowdonia Aerospace Centre

Snowdonia Aerospace Centre, the UK’s leading large scale drone and soon to be eVTOL testing facility has selected AEROVOLT (partnered with EATON) to provide multiple charging systems for aircraft development and future flight technologies. At the beginning of March, AEROVOLT will install its certified smart charging system which uses the AS6968 protocol currently used by […]

PowerLight’s CEO on Power Beaming Lasers

In 2023, PowerLight Technologies was selected to work on the Luna Architecture 10 (LunA-10) power energy transmission infrastructure initiative with the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Blue Origin, developing laser-based wireless power transmission technology for supporting a future lunar presence on the moon. Richard Gustafson, President and CEO of PowerLight Technologies, and Tom […]

AeroVironment’s Puma 3 AE Now Has Extended Endurance of Up to 3 Hours

AeroVironment’s PS2500 battery is now approved for use in the Puma 3 AE unmanned aircraft system (UAS). The optional PS2500 battery allows operators to achieve extended endurance of up to three hours of flight time. The increased endurance provides operators with greater mission flexibility and time on station across land and maritime operations. “The new […]

Sky Power International Continues to Expand Product Portfolio for Service Applications

German engine manufacturer Sky Power International is planning to expand its product range for service and maintenance in 2024. The first step is a tool case that is equipped with all the necessary tools and is offered in two versions. Different tool combinations are available for carburettor engines and for engines with fuel injection systems, […]

Ukraine’s New Kamikaze Jet Drone Makes First Flight

Maxim Glushak announced on his Facebook page that a new kamikaze jet drone made its first flight in Ukraine. The photos reveal an unmanned aerial vehicle developed in a canard configuration with a horizontal front tail. The presence of air intakes makes it possible to claim that a non-rocket engine is installed on the UAV. In addition, […]