WhiteFox Defense Introduces Light Weight Man-Portable C-UAS Solution

WhiteFox Defense Technologies, a provider of cutting-edge counter-drone solutions, announces the release of Scorpion 3, a lightweight, portable drone detection solution. Customer testing has shown that Scorpion 3 offers efficient and reliable situational awareness in any dynamic environment and can be coupled with WhiteFox mitigation solutions. The Scorpion 3 hand-held drone detection system is designed […]

FAA Selects Pharovision and Sentrycs for Drone Detection and Mitigation Testing

Pharovision and Sentrycs have been selected by the FAA to conduct a three-month detection and mitigation test at Atlantic City International Airport. The testing period started in early July with a view to determine the efficacy of drone tracking, identification, and mitigation capabilities in airports. Sentrycs and Pharovisions’ complementary technologies identify and subdue any rogue or unfriendly unmanned aircraft system […]

Russian Students Asked to Donate Vapes for Parts to Make Drones

College students in Russia are being asked to turn in their vaping pens so their components can be used to make more combat drones, Russian independent publication Novaya Gazeta Europe has reported. The University of Samara in southwestern Russia is organizing the initiative to help the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A so-called “Falcon” patriotic military club put collection boxes […]

Dronamics and Qatar Airways Cargo Sign Cargo Drone Interline Agreement

Dronamics and Qatar Airways Cargo, the world’s largest international cargo carrier, announced an interline agreement. The partnership marks the first interline agreement between an international airline and a cargo drone airline. The interline agreement allows the extension of the delivery networks of both partners, significantly increasing their reach as well as providing access to areas […]

High Lander’s Vega UTM Gets Israel’s First Air Traffic Management Unit License

In a world first, High Lander Aviation has received a license from the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI) to authorize drone flights throughout Israel via its uncrewed traffic management solution, Vega UTM. The “license to operate air traffic management units” was granted days after the regulator’s emergency ruling that drones can only fly in […]