Comment on How to bind X8R to the FrSky Taranis in different modes by crashpilot

If I understand it correctly, L9R does not allow any changes to the assignments of channels to the connectors. ch 1-9 are fixed to conventional pins and ch 1-12 are on the single sbus. You could:
A) connect additional devices listening to ch 9-12 on the same Sbus together with your APM 2.6
B) check APM 2.6 if its channel range could be changed to ch 5-12 instead. The same could be don on the Taranis in order to free up ch1-4 for additional devices on the conventional pins of the L9R

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I have a drone that had a 8 bit gimbal controller that I replaced with a alexmos 32 bit controller. I use a taranis with a X8R rx. The cable that were connected on the 6 and 7 port of the X8R was connected to the old 8 bit board. The new board has a plug on the PWM/PPM/S-Bus port. I connected the same cable to this input, changed the setting in GUI to futaba s-bus ,but the taranis do not control the gimbal. Any suggestions.

DJI Drone Comparison: Mavic Pro 2 vs Phantom 4 Pro

When it comes to the world of drones, DJI reign supreme.
The number of drones flying in the US will jump to around 7 million by the year 2020. With more people itching to get the best drone shot, DJI is upping its game.
Two of the best drones for ambitious photographers and filmmakers on the market right now are the DJI Mavic Pro 2 and the Phantom 4 Pro.
They both come in at over $1000 dollars, so you want to make the right decision before investing.
Which one should you choose? Let’s put them to the test and see who will win the battle of Mavic Pro 2 vs Phantom 4 Pro.

Mavic Pro 2 vs Phantom 4 Pro: Which is the best?
Right off the bat, both of these drones are incredible.
To get the best shots, you need a drone in your arsenal and these are the best tools for the job.
Choosing the right drone for your needs is important.
You’ll need to consider a range of things, from flight modes to size and camera quality.
Let’s get into the test of Mavic Pro 2 vs Phantom 4 Pro. Who will win?
Let’s Talk Build
When it comes to the Mavic Pro 2, one of its main selling points is its size. The build is very small. It’s compact coming in at 91mm in width and 214mm in length. It has collapsible legs, it fits into a backpack with ease, and it’s easy to assemble and go.
In comparison, the Phantom 4 Pro is a giant of a drone. It has a 350 x 350mm build, and it’s pretty bulky. You’ll have to unscrew the propellers if you want to put it in a backpack, and there won’t be room for much else.
The Mavic Pro 2 controller is compact as well. It’s made to work with your smartphone and folds away with ease like the drone does. A little extra: you can even unscrew the control sticks for transportation.
The Phantom 4 Pro has a bigger controller, its bulky like the drone itself. But, this kind of controller may feel more stable to the user if you’ve used previous drone models.

All About the Specs
Let’s talk specs. The Mavic Pro 2 is a tiny but powerful machine. It has the new OcuSync 2.0 transmission system for better communication between drone and controller. Maximum range? Up to 8km. In FullHD!
It has other smart features such as ActiveTrack 2.0. Dual IMU units and a dual compass make the drone failsafe.
It has very accurate omnidirectional obstacle avoidance.
The Mavic Pro 2 has super precise vision positioning in outdoor and indoor environments and hovers as stable as no other drone.
The Phantom 4 Pro has only 5 directional obstacle sensors, compared to the Mavic Pro 2 it’s missing upwards facing ones.
For transmission, the Phantom 4 Pro uses Lightbridge, which offers a robust HD signal at ranges of up to 7km.
ActiveTrack works with the Phantom 4 Pro as well, but the mode loses objects more easily and sometimes struggles to a bit.
It also has dual IMU units and dual compass modules.
The most important part of a drone is, of course, the camera.
The Mavic Pro 2 has a large 1” camera sensor installed.
It takes photos with its 20MP camera and shoots video at 4K video resolution.
Its camera is designed by Hasselblad and offers 14 EV stops of dynamic range. Yes, 14!
And the capability to record 10-Bit videos sets new standards.
The Phantom 4 Pro as well has a 20MP, 4K camera with a 1” sensor on board.
Finally, the Phantom 4 Pros camera offers maximum 12 stops of dynamic range and it records with 8-Bit and therefore stores less information and detail than its smaller challenger.
Both use Micro SD storage cards so you can get a lot of footage depending on the size card you use. However, only the new DJI Mavic Pro 2 has 8GB of internal storage installed that can be a valuable backup.

Mavic Pro vs Phantom 4: Who’s the Winner?
Now you’ve got the specs, the real question is who is the winner?
Both are powerful machines but the smaller DJI Mavic Pro 2 clearly defeats the DJI Phantom 4 Pro in almost all categories.
It has the better camera, new flight modes, new motors and a more advanced obstacle avoidance aboard and at the same time is smaller.
Need some guidance with your new drone? Check out our drone guides for more information.

The Best Drone Case (Drone Carrying Cases For Sale)

Drones are expensive items, and the last thing you want is to accidentally break one before you even get a chance to fly it. With the unwieldy shape and thin propeller arms of most quadcopters, this can be difficult to do on your own, which is why you need a great drone case. Drone cases …

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Aerial Photography Miami – Find A Drone Photographer Near You

Aerial photography Miami Florida companies are popping up all over the city and businesses are taking advantage of their creative talents. Aerial photography using drones puts everything into perspective – with beautiful backdrops, the eye in the sky always captures the best shots, so it’s no secret that businesses and companies are all jumping on …

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UK Architect Designing London’s First Drone Ports

“I can see it being absolutely commonplace,” said Duncan Walker, managing director of Skyports, in a conversation with Dezeen Magazine. “Just as we were designing bike parking spaces into buildings five years ago, I can see drone ports becoming standard in buildings.” Walker has reason to be confident – his company just purchased the rights …

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Italian Engineer Develops Autonomous Ambulance Drone

Last weekend’s FAI International Drones Conference and Expo in Lausanne, Switzerland, brought together hundreds on drone industry leaders and experts to discuss the future of drone innovation and compete for a $20,000 prize based on a theme of “Drones for Humanity.” 2018 was the second year this event was held, and the prize – known …

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Drone News: Solar Powered Drone Breaks Continuous Flight Record

Airbus has broken a world record for its new Zephyr S HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite).
While the record for their previous Zephyr prototype was fourteen days, Airbus kept their new drone in the air for only a few minutes short of twenty-six days!

Photo: Zephyr S HAPS; Source: AirbusThis record has set a new standard for companies who make solar powered drones.
Militaries around the world have their eyes on Airbus’ progress, and only a few more years of research could revolutionize how amateur and professional photographers run their businesses.
Keep reading to learn how Airbus was able to keep their drone in the air for twenty-six days, and what it means for the future of satellite technology.
Solar Powered Drone
At only 165 pounds, with a wingspan of 25 feet, this drone is small enough that it only needs one or two people to carry and release it. The small size was chosen for the sake of longevity, but larger models will soon be made that can carry heavier payloads.
Airbus send this light-weight, slender drone into the air on July 11th out of Arizona, and it reached a height of 70,000 ft. This altitude is far above the cloud line, so weather was never an issue for the solar panels that lined the drone’s wings. They soaked up enough sunlight during the day to keep the drone in flight during the long nights.
Potential Uses
With a drone this light and versatile, the first obvious assumption is that it will be used by the military for covert surveillance and transporting discreet payloads. One particular client that has already taken advantage of Airbus’ new innovation is the United Kingdom’s military. They ordered three copies after seeing it at an airshow in Farnborough, England.
Some suspect they will use it for spying, but others suggest it can also be used to detect oil spills and other natural disasters.
This new breakthrough also opens the door for governments and private businesses alike to save millions of dollars on satellites. Solar powered satellites like these could be used for long-term environmental studies, monitoring at-risk areas during natural disasters like oils spills mentioned above, and bringing internet to developing nations.
What Does This Mean For Us?
What does all of this mean for commercial pilots and hobbyists those who merely use drones for photography and film? Well, nothing right now. However, once this solar powered drone starting being sold commercially (at an affordable price, of course), it will completely change the way we use personal drones.
No more trying to remember if you packed your extra batteries. No more insanely strict shoot itineraries. With the limited battery life of current commercial drones, one can’t afford to simply send their drone into the sky every time they see a breathtaking view.
However, all of that and more will be possible once solar power becomes the new standard for drones everywhere.
If done film and photography is something you’re interested, click here to learn about the equipment I use, and get started on your journey today!