Why I am offline and how you can change it!

Dear subscribers and followers,
I am trying to stay connected: on my Facebook-Site, in a drone group on Facebook, on my two main homepages in English and German and of course on YouTube – and sometimes even on Instagram (yet though I’m not really into posting pictures only).
Over the last days, I have received dozens of messages.
I, over and over, received the question why I was not producing new videos, why I am not visible these days.

Due to personal reasons, I am moving from Paderborn, a town in mid-Germany back to a city in Germany’s southwest, Mainz (many of you know Frankfurt, which is about half an hour away).
Because all of this hit me very unpredictable, I do not have my flat yet, meaning that most of my drones and equipment are still in Paderborn, including my room for filmmaking (which I often call “small studio”).
I am looking forward to producing many new and exciting videos for you, but it might take a while until things are settled – I am giving my best, but sometimes our private life needs our full attention.
Until then though, I will keep on writing blog articles, maybe even film one or two videos, but I will be around on Facebook just as usual if you want to stay connected.

How can you make me create new videos?
1) Feel free to send in a video question (you can record and submit it right here) today. I might be able to answer some of your questions, may they be personal or about a specific topic, as I do have one of my cameras here and maybe a Q&A video would be cool. Feel free to share the link on Facebook (to collect some questions): www.tomstechtime.com/myquestion.
2) Feel free to check out the new areas of my website, for example, this page I set up lately.
Pretty exciting stuff, especially for beginners and advanced pilots.
Seeing traffic hitting my site always motivates me a lot.
3) I would be more than happy if you would support my work for free at www.tomstechtime.com/support. It is straightforward and has an enormous impact.
Due to people like you, I will already very soon be able to continue filming tutorials, reviews and more. Therefore let me thank you.
Stay tuned and fly safe!
P.S.: I thought to make a video about the whole matter and sharing it with approximately 125.000 people would be too much. 😉

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