The Best Beginner Drones DJI Has to Offer

Excited about diving into the world of drones but not sure where to start?
The drone industry is just taking off and it’s an exciting time for hobbyists and professionals alike.
So whether you’re flying for fun or for profit, you’ll want to find the right drone for budding pilots.
Read on for 5 of the best beginner drones that DJI has to offer!

1. DJI Spark
The DJI Spark is one of the best mini-drones for beginners.
It works well for indoor and outdoor flights. This drone is backed by DJI’s powerful technologies and features a FullHD 12MP camera on a 2-axis gimbal.
Pilots can use DJI’s Tapfly, Quickshots, and ActiveTrack flight modes with the Spark, along with the fantastic Gesture Control. It
allows you to control the drone with your hand, no remote controller required, so taking aerial selfies will be a breeze!Buy a DJI Spark here!
2. Tello
Ryze’s Tello is an affordable drone for beginners, priced at only $99.
Keeping with your budget won’t force you to sacrifice technology, as this drone packs a 5MP camera, STEM programming for hands-off flights, and a lightweight design for total control.
If you’re a beginner looking to build some foundational flight skills, the Tello is a great choice.Buy a Ryze Tello here!
3. Mavic Air
The Mavic Air is an ultra-portable drone with the features that rival the big boys on the market.
When folded down, it’s about the size of a smartphone. It includes a 12MP 4K camera on a 3-axis gimbal for stellar aerial footage.
It’s got 8gb of internal storage and can even live stream your flights directly to YouTube or Facebook.
4. Mavic Pro
The Mavic Pro is the big brother of the Mavic Air, but still qualifies as one of the best beginner drones.
For novice pilots, there is a flight restriction mode automatically set to help you get your wings (you can turn it off though at any time).
This is a great drone if you want robust options as a beginner and the Mavic Pro will grow with you as your flying skills get more advanced. This drone is my recommendation for all (new) ambitious drone flyers.
5. DJI Phantom
While it is considered by some as a more advanced drone, the DJI Phantom series packs a ton of punch in features.
Many beginners start out with this drones, especially if they’re planning to do commercial flights.
The Phantom 4 series is customizable with amazing accessory options on the market.
If you plan to start out with this drone, Phantom 3 or 4 tutorial videos will help you get familiar with all of the tools you’ll need to fly like a pro!
Which of These Best Beginner Drones Will You Choose?
These 5 DJI drones are just a few of the best beginner drones on the market for pilots-in-training of all ages!
Have you taken any of these drones for a test flight? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!
If you’re a beginner and you’re ready to buy your first drone, click here and get airborne.

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