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Best RC Cars For Christmas 2018 (RC Car Gift Guide)

It’s not easy to pick out the best RC cars for Christmas. With so many options on the market, it can be heard to pick the best one for you or your child, especially if you don’t understand all of the more technical jargon. Fortunately, here at Dronethusiast our team contains experts on all forms …

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Singapore Plans To Use “Drone Swarm” For Delivery And Security

At this point, the governments of the world seem to be choosing one of two paths. The first is to resist the introduction of drone technology with increased regulations that limit pilots’ ability to use the drones effectively as well as the construction of serious drone infrastructure. The second is to embrace the technology with …

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The Best 360 Cameras for Your Xmas Gift List in 2018

Are you still shooting photos and videos on a traditional camera?
If so, it’s time to upgrade to a 360 camera.
You’ve probably seen 360 videos popping up all over YouTube and Facebook.
They’re getting so popular that Facebook spent millions in 2017 to develop two high-tech cameras for commercial use.
Keep reading to find out what 360 cameras can do for you and which ones are the best buys for a holiday gift this year.

What is a 360 Camera?
A 360 camera is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a camera that films 360 degrees around you. While a normal video camera only shoots in a small area, 360 cameras capture every angle. These cameras are so powerful that the police use them to help keep them safe.
This type of camera is a great investment for families or people who love travel and adventure. With 360 technology you won’t miss a single memory.
This technology is growing in popularity, but not every camera is equal. Before you buy one for yourself or a loved one this year, keep reading to see which ones are actually worth your money.
What Are the Best 360 Cameras You Can Buy?
If you’re giving (or asking for) a 360 camera this year, you want to make sure the one you choose is best for your unique needs. Here are five of the best 360 cameras on the market today:
1. The Rough 360° Camera
The Virb 360 by Garmin is perfect if you or the receiver loves the outdoors!
It’s one of the more expensive options on the market, but you’ll definitely reap the benefits of a high-quality camera and tons of features. It’s durable and waterproof for up to 33 feet, so it’s great for a mountain climber, hiker, biker, surfer or diver.

2. The Budget 360° Camera
If you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift that still delivers, then the Samsung Gear 360 is a great option.
This camera is under $100 and easy to use so it’s perfect for beginners. It can connect up to any Apple or Samsung phone or used on its own.
Getting this camera for your loved ones will keep you off of their naughty list.

3. The 360° Camera for Drone Pilots
The Insta360 One X was recently named one of the best consumer-level 360 cameras by Forbes and it is my favourite model of 2018. A clear recommendation!
The price tag is right around $400, so it’s a good middle ground for a 360, but it’s one of the highest quality on the market. 5.7K video footage, a small form factor and tons of fun accessories offer fun and super sharp results.
You can easily mount the small Insta360 One X to your drone using this adapter – and you’ll be able to capture another amazing perspective. I love it!

4. The Nikon 360° Camera
In addition to the Garmin camera, this is another option for those who love the outdoors and know what they’re doing with a camera. The Nikon KeyMission 360 is also waterproof, so it’ll take awesome underwater videos.
The main purchasing argument of this camera is its manufacturer (because the camera itself is a bit outdated).

5. The Premium 360° Camera
The brand name GoPro is synonymous with high-quality action cameras, but it also comes with the highest price tag of any of the other 360° cameras.
At almost $600, the GoPro Fusion is an investment, but if you want something that’s guaranteed to perform well for years to come it’ll be worth the money upfront. Because of the price tag, this is a good option for experienced photographers or professionals who want to take their work up a notch.
If Santa were going to live stream his Christmas journey, he’d probably use the GoPro Fusion.

There are other cameras that offer similar quality; if you’d like to see what equipment I personally use, check it out here.
Want to Learn More About the Best Tech Gifts for 2018?
360 cameras and other tech gifts are great presents for the holiday season. You’ll want to do some research before you spend your money on these gifts, though.
Check out the rest of our site for more information on the hottest tools, such as drones, and everything you need to know before you fly them.

RC Cars Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (Nov. 2018)

RC Cars Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals It’s never been easier to take advantage of RC cars Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. Once, you had to go to a physical store, wait in a long line, and potentially risk your safety to grab the last toys off the shelves the day after Thanksgiving. …

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A Quick and Dirty Review of the New Parrot Anafi

Founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux, Parrot is a drone company that is all about fun and features.
It may not be the fastest or greatest photography option, but Parrot always knows how to stand out.
The new Parrot Anafi is another great example of a mainstream drone with style.
We got our hands on one and have run it through various performance tests.
There are a few quirks, but for the most part, this drone is setting the bar high.
Let’s dive into this exciting new release and find out if it lives up to the hype.

Notable Features
The Parrot Anafi is a small drone, and it compacts for easy travel. It’s equipped with a 4K camera with HDR capabilities. You also get a lossless digital zoom with 180 degrees of tilt.
We spent a few hours testing this camera out and we can say that the two-axis (mechanical) gimbal is truly interesting: why does Parrot only stabilise two and not three axis mechanically?
Well, the results are smooth, you can hardly question that, but only as long as you’re not moving the drone suddenly.
The camera features a zoom: up to 1.4x in 4K or even up to 2.8x in Full HD.
The zoom is, for a drone that costs less than 1.000$, promising, it works well and let’s you get creative!
Another marketed feature of the Parrot Anafi is the 180-degree tilt. What is really cool is the upwards facing camera. DJI cameras, for example, can be titled up only a bit and if you do so, you’ll end up seeing the propellers. With this point, the Parrot Anafi clearly excels.
The general built-quality though is – let me call it modest, but you at least have various smart-modes that help you get your shots with finesse. You have lots of options, such as Orbit, waypoint, Dolly Zoom, Hyperlapse, and Slow Motion to go with the standard auto-follow.
How the Parrot Anafi Performs
First, the drone that I got for my review was not flyable, it was dead.
The second one I got had the propellers screwed onto it the wrong order, which made it flip and die.
That says a lot about their QC!
One of our favorite things advertised with the Anafi was being able to hold it in your hands and watch it lift off. This makes impromptu filming much easier, as you don’t need to bring a separate controller with you. The overall built quality is low, compared to other drone manufacturers.
That is to say that you already have some beginner skills piloting drones.
Because it is a compact and lightweight drone, you’ll need to be able to judge the wind with some degree of accuracy. Filming in windy conditions is a bit of a struggle. The anti-vibration and stabilization of the camera try to keep up with conditions.
At some point, we did run out of battery, but it seemed like we got around 20 minutes per flight. Depending on how windy it is, your mileage may vary.

Get Your Hands on a Drone
Well, that’s the quick and dirty on the Parrot Anafi.
The final verdict for us, factoring in the $600 price tag, is that the Parrot Anafi was released a year too late, but it has some promising features like the upward facing camera.
Maybe the next Anafi will be a serious competitor? We hope so!
For those of you out there who are interested in an alternative: There are plenty of great alternatives out there.
I recommend either this beginner drone to get started with drones or this rather expensive drone, that has a really good 4K camera, is equipped with a 2x lossless optical zoom and

omnidirectional anti-collision sensors and leaves only small room for criticism.